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Founded on excellence as a guiding principle, at Sottolichio & Aguilera Abogados we seek to provide permanent and preventive advice on unwanted litigation, as well as creative, effective and quick solutions for our clients when they are already a reality.

We seek to provide a fair legal service in all its dimensions, tailored to the client and focused on their needs.

We work for both companies and individuals offering our services.


The dynamism of those who make up the team allows us to adapt to what our clients require and satisfy the highest expectations of a legal service.

Civil Law

Advice to natural persons in matters of inheritance, drafting of civil contracts, leases, drafting and review of various contracts.

Commercial Law

Legal and financial advice for micro, small, medium and large companies. Contracts, claims for defaults, advice on hiring, bankruptcy or liquidations, restructuring and reorganization, of companies and individuals.

Labor Law

Advice to companies and individuals on labor issues such as hiring, layoffs, compensation, worker's rights, among others.

Regulatory Law

Advice to people, whether merchants or not, and companies against the acts of the State administration bodies.


We are always available for virtual meetings or in person.



We provide consulting and services to businesses of all sizes: micro, small, medium and large companies.

At all stages of its development, thus, we provide legal and financial advice to those who are just starting their business, to those who are in an expansion stage and require advice to face and solve old and new problems and even, if they are in a difficult stage where an insolvency scenario is imminent.


Natural people

We offer services for natural persons whether they have a lucrative activity or not, are independent or dependent, or decide to start a business through a company.



Our team of professionals adapt to what our clients require in order to satisfy their legal needs.



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